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2012 Holiday Arts and Health Fair a Success!

Dr. Hillary Lampers, ND //


Sky Valley Healing Arts


Snohomish is an amazing community of artists, healers, and it is a wonderful place to work!  Our 1st Annual Holiday Arts and Health Fair was a wonderful success with women and men that came together to offer their services and creations, filling our space with much appreciated love and giving.  We all enjoyed learning more about eath other, as well as meeing those of you in who came in to do some shopping, healing, or just socializing- the chemistry was fabulous!

Thank you so much to all of those involved, and especially to Rebecca Rose, Sky Valley Healing Arts amazing office manager who made it all happen!  She spent countless hours getting prepared for this great event, and put much love into it's course.  

Our Wonderful Vendors and Practitioners: Click below to be sent to their websites!

Alysia Tromblay Art, Jewelry, and Music

Liz Lyell Jewelry

Laura Smith Jewlery

Spicy Green Mango Clothing

Visionary Arts Paintings

Vision Quest Store

Herban Wellness

Two Braids Etched Glass

Roshi Paquin Intuitive Readings and Art

Claudia- Visiting Mexican Doctor and Mayan Massage

Brian Dotson- Reiki Master

Liz Gross- Certified Energy Therapist


 Dr Hillary



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